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Acceptable Use Policies

The agrees to provide services to an account holder (“user” or “customer”) according to the following terms of service:

1) The benefits or rights conferred by this agreement are nontransferable. Use of accounts is limited to the individual or business whose name appears on the account, and to user’s dependents living at the same address.

2) User agrees to follow the Acceptable Use Policies, as well as the acceptable use policies of any network user connects to.

3) User agrees to use all services in a manner consistent with any and all applicable laws. In the event that services are not used in accordance with all applicable laws including but not limited to local, state, and federal laws, the reserves the right to cooperate with any and all law enforcement agencies.

4) User agrees to pay the all charges relating to the use of services according to the rates and prices at the time of service, including any account set-up fees.

5) User is responsible for charges at the time the service is used and the may apply the amount due to user’s credit card at any time.

6) Failure to use services does not relieve user of payment obligations.

7) User must pay charges in a timely manner to maintain services. Payments more than 10 days late may be assessed a late payment charge.

8) If user is paying by check, user expressly authorizes the to debit user’s checking account for the amount of a check returned unpaid by user’s bank, plus a service fee of up to $25.00 per occurrence.

9) User is responsible for all local and long-distance telephone charges when using services.

10) In addition to any prices agreed to, user agrees to pay the gross amount of any present or future sales, use, excise, value added or other similar taxes applicable to the price, sales or delivery of any services furnished by the

11) In the event user defaults on this Agreement, the may suspend or revoke user’s service. User agrees to pay the’s reasonable attorney’s fees and court costs, where permitted, in collecting any amounts owed by user.

12) The, at its sole business judgment, may terminate this Agreement immediately or suspend user’s access to services upon any breach of this Agreement by user, including, but not limited to, refusal or failure to pay for services provided, or by sole judgment of the that user may be performing activities harmful to the or its customers, employees, vendors, business relationships, or any other users of the Internet.

13) Use of the for advertising or promotion of commercial products or services provided by user requires a Business Account. Resale of web space or any services is prohibited without the prior written permission of the

14) User agrees not to copy, publish, or distribute any information through the which violates or infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory or common law, or proprietary rights of others, or which contains anything obscene or libelous. Software intended to facilitate any such violations or infringements are prohibited and may not be stored on servers.

15) User agrees not to copy, publish, distribute, or manipulate any image, sound, or text from any server which violates or infringes any copyright, trademark, patent, statutory or common law, or proprietary rights of others. Software intended to facilitate any such violations or infringements are prohibited and may not be stored on servers.

16) User may use the logo on user’s site and may make a hyperlink from user’s site to the home page, provided that:

a) The logo is not changed in any way.

b) The logo is actively linked to the then-current home page.

17) The reserves the right at its sole discretion to delete or restrict access to any information entered into the by user.

18) The following violations of the Acceptable Use Policies are grounds for immediate suspension of service and/or termination of account:

a) Sending unsolicited mass e-mailings (i.e., to more than 25 users) which provoke complaints from the recipients. User hereby agrees to pay $1.00 (one dollar) per email in violation of this policy.

b) Sending unsolicited mass e-mailings from a provider other than the to advertise a site hosted by the, and/or using a account as an e-mail drop for such responses.

c) Continued harassment of individuals on the Internet after being asked to stop harassment by those individuals and/or by the

d) Impersonating another user or otherwise falsifying one’s user name in e-mail, on IRC, or with any other Internet service. This does not preclude the use of nicknames on IRC.

e) Use of IRC “bots” on the, whether on our IRC server or any other. Such software may not be stored on servers.

19) Users whose accounts are suspended or terminated for any of the infractions of the Acceptable Use Policies are also responsible for any and all costs to clean up and respond to complaints that may be incurred by the

20) Interwrx reserves the right to terminate or change the priority of any process started by user on the servers.

21) Interwrx reserves the right to collect damages (software, hardware, and labor) if any harm is done to the servers or its providers by user which requires repair or reconfiguration of any kind.

22) Interwrx’s unlimited dialup connections are not intended to be full-time dedicated connections and may be disconnected after a certain period of inactivity. Customers using 10hrs to 12hrs on average per day should have a dedicated connection. User agrees not to use any automatic method to avoid disconnection, to keep the connection active only when user is actively using it, and not to provide public information services over the connection, including but not limited to web and FTP servers. Interwrx reserves the right to impose restrictions on accounts it deems to be in violation of these conditions.

23) User is responsible for all use of user’s account(s) and confidentiality of password(s). Interwrx will suspend or change access to user’s account(s) upon notification by user that his or her password has been lost, stolen, or otherwise compromised. Interwrx is not liable for any usage or charges prior to the making the necessary account alteration.

24) Interwrx is not responsible for personal files kept on our servers. Interwrx reserves the right to delete all files kept within your account upon termination of agreement by either parties., shall not be responsible or liable for protection and privacy of your e-mail. Interwrx is not responsible for backing up your files and data.

25) Interwrx services are provided on an “as is, as available” basis. No warranties, expressed or implied, including, but not limited to, those of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, are made with respect to the Interwrx or any information or services therein. Interwrx will not be responsible for any reimbursement for losses of income due to disruption of service by Interwrx or its providers.

26) Neither Interwrx nor its information providers are responsible for any damages arising from user’s use of Interwrx services or by user’s inability to use Interwrx services.

27) Interwrx reserves the right to change with or without notice Interwrx services, including, but not limited to, access procedures, hours of operation, menu structures, commands, documentation, vendors, and services offered. Interwrx reserves the right to change prices with 30 days notice published online.

28) Interwrx may, at its option, offer a trial period during which user may cancel service without incurring any costs. It is the responsibility of user to contact the Interwrx to cancel during the trial period and receive verification that cancellation has occurred. Failure to use Interwrx services does not constitute cancellation.

29) Interwrx may, at its option, offer credits to users who refer additional users, provided that such new users retain Interwrx accounts through a specified number of billing cycles, and further provided that such new users signing up mention at the time of sign-up the account name of the user who referred them.

30) Interwrx may modify these terms and conditions with or without prior notice. User’s use of Interwrx services after notice has appeared online shall constitute user’s acceptance of any modifications to this Agreement.

31) In the event of cancellation of service, users are responsible for the full month’s charges unless cancellation is received by Interwrx 30 days prior to the account anniversary date. Cancellation notice must be submitted by U.S. mail, email, account, or faxed to 480-813-7283. No refunds of prepaid services will be given in the event user cancels his or her account before such services would have expired.

32) This Agreement shall be governed by and interpreted according to the laws of the State of Arizona.

33) User is in default of this Agreement if:

a) User fails to abide by any present or future Interwrx term of service, or

b) Interwrx does not receive payments on or before their due dates, or

c) Any material statement or information given by user to Interwrx is false.

34) Non-enforcement of any section of this Agreement does not constitute consent and the reserves the right to enforce this Agreement at its sole discretion.

35) Each and every provision set forth in this Agreement is independent and severable from the others, and if any provision of this Agreement is held invalid, all other provisions shall be unaffected and continue in force.

36) This Agreement is between Interwrx and user, and grants no rights to any third parties.

37) If user is less than 18 years of age, this Agreement must be agreed to by a parent or legal guardian, who is responsible for all charges related to Interwrx services incurred by user.

38) Interwrx may assign this Agreement, its rights hereunder and its ownership of said service and commitment at any time with or without notice.

39) Interwrx accounts are subject to availability. Interwrx is NOT responsible for ‘busy’ periods in which the system is not available due to excessive calls.

40) The provisions of this Agreement apply to all of user’s accounts with Interwrx. If user is in default of this Agreement with regard to any one account, user is in default with regard to all accounts.

This Agreement contains the entire agreement between Interwrx and user, and supersedes all prior or existing agreements.