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Collocation Services

Server collocation is an option for most companies to consider when the need for a secure location is needed. The advantage of collocation is that your server is kept in a high-grade facility that provides, and that it is connected into Interwrx's OC-12 high-speed network. Overall, this solution saves large businesses the cost of direct hardware maintenance, physical security and high-speed network connections.

The Need For Collocation

The Facility


Your decision as to whether you want to collocate your server or try another option comes down to resources. If your in-house technicians are fully capable and costs are not prohibitive, then collocation could be the way to go. Let us at Interwrx take the hassle of making sure that you have enough bandwidth, power and a secured environment in our collocation facility.

Spam and Virus Filtering (supplied by Spam Cow) for an additional $10/mo


Server Collocation Pricing

Pricing for hosting your server(s) in our new state-of-the-art collocation center are based on the amount of rack space you wish to use plus the amount of bandwidth that you desire. As you can see, our pricing options are extremely affordable!

Rack Space (note: 1U = 1.75″ in height)


You may bring your own UPS or plug into our UPS for $5/mo per server.